Terms and Conditions of Use Rates and Charges For travel between locations, Envoo‘s rate is based upon mileage as well as distance outside the immediate Austin area. Rates begin to accrue upon client pickup or waiting for client pickup, and may be influenced by number of passengers, excessive or weighty baggage requiring lifting by drivers, service to or from Airport locations, and distance outside the Austin area for pickup or destination locations. Envoo‘s rates are competitive with other similar services in the Austin area, and specials may from time-to-time be available on return trips and group fares. For airport pickups or destinations, the arrival time will be set based upon flight arrival or departure and by request of client. Waiting fees apply when drivers are required to wait for client, and Envoo is not responsible for airport delays or other factors outside its control that may incur waiting charges. Rates, terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notification. Special rates, extended minimums and alternate cancellation policies may apply, on special event days. (examples: Prom, Formula 1, Mother‘s Day, Father‘s Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, New Year, SXSW, ACL, Christmas, Valentine‘s Day.) Waiting times are calculated by the minute. Parking and toll charges will be added to fares when incurred for any reason. In the event any client refuses payment or cannot show ability to pay for services, police will be called immediately. Cancellations If a prepaid reservation is made for client or groups, and client is not at the pick-up location or is unable to locate the driver for any reason, the client should IMMEDIATELY contact Envoo. A charge will be incurred and/or refund not given if client fails to call before leaving the pickup location or fails to cancel services within the required cancellation window. Envoo requires a minimum of 2 hours advance notice for cancellations within the Austin area, and a minimum of 4 hours outside of the Austin/Round Rock/Georgetown/Lakeway/Cedar Park area. It is the client‘s responsibility to obtain the name of the person contacted for cancellation, time called, and if applicable, cancellation confirmation. Guarantees Arrival, starting, stop-over, and destination times of arrival cannot and will not be guaranteed by Envoo. All times given by drivers and/or dispatch are approximate and always dependent upon prescribed legal speed limits on roadways between starting and destination point, as well as traffic, road, and weather conditions at the time the appointment is made. Envoo will not guarantee nor issue refunds, specials, or discounts due to any factor outside the driver‘s control such as accidents between other parties in the roadway, acts of God (i.e. tornado, flood, lightning strikes), terrorism, fires, or for any other reason outside the driver and Envoo‘s control. No refunds will be given for late pickups, arrivals, or dropoffs due to such conditions or other occurrences out of our control. In the event vehicle becomes non-operation and replacement is required, refunds will not include the segment of the trip already completed. Conditions of Service Envoo reserves the right to refuse service to any person for any reason, including the appearance of being intoxicated by drugs or alcohol, belligerent and/or threatening behavior to the driver or to other persons, or any other reason at the discretion of the driver. Envoo will not issue refunds for prepaid appointments when such behavior is in evidence, and shall not be liable for charges accrued when client behavior requires drivers to refuse service. Client Safety and Behavior Clients shall not interfere with the driver and shall safely conduct themselves inside the vehicle at all times. Safety belts are required to be worn by all passengers in the vehicle, and all arms, legs, heads, and objects belonging to the passengers must remain inside the vehicle at all times. Child safety seats and/or booster seats as prescribed by law are required for all children under age 6 and/or 60 pounds when travelling with children. Clients are required to know how to install and uninstall child safety seats-our drivers and Envoo are not responsible for correct and safe usage of child safety seats. No eating, drinking, or carrying of beverages that do not have a sealable top is permitted inside Envoo‘s vehicles. Excessive noise, swearing, screaming, or conflict between passengers or passenger to driver is prohibited and will result in driver immediately stopping the vehicle, exiting all passengers, and charging the fare based on points of origin and drop off. Unusual Cleaning If, during or after transportation, Envoo is required to clean company vehicles due to any act, fault or incident involving any client, the clients‘guests, or by any other means attributable to the client (example: vomiting, bleeding, incontinence, smoking, spillage of food or drinks, breakage of any object, excessive trash left in vehicle, fecal matter/sand/dirt ground into carpets and/or seats), an extra charge will be incurred to cover the expense of cleaning and loss of use of the company vehicle during the time the cleaning is required. The minimum charge for regurgitation cleanup or cleanup of other bodily fluids is 100.00 but may be adjusted upwards depending on the scale of cleanup required. Smoking Policy All smoking is prohibited in Envoo vehicles at all times, including pipe, cigarette, cigar, vapor smoking, or any other type of smoking. Limitation of Liability Envoo shall not be liable for any reason, in any event, including breach of this agreement, either directly or indirectly, to the other party or any third party for special, indirect, incidental, punitive, exemplary, or consequential damages, loss of use, or loss of profit.